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About OKATHERM® Double Glazing Units

OKATHERM® insulating glasses are manufactured to the specific energy requirements of the building. Architects and designers can specify the desired light transmittance, solar heat gain protection and insulating values, that they require. The appearance of the OKATHERM® units can be customized using frits, digital printing and customized glass types. The glass units can be configured using annealed, laminated, or safety tempered glass in a variety of thicknesses. Oversized OKATHERM® units are available in sizes up to 10′ x 36′. OKALUX® offers the best solutions to meet the needs and requirements of the design professional.

OKATHERM® insulating glass can be double glazed or triple glazed, per design requirements.

Depending on creative demands, energy efficiency requirements, and interior conditions, specific glass types can be integrated into the OKATHERM® units. Clear, low iron and tinted glasses can be utilized along with low e and solar control coatings which can regulate the light and heat transmission of the glass. Both flat and bent OKATHERM® units can be offered. Laminated glasses can be integrated for security or soundproofing. And, the appearance of the glass can be customized using a digital printing, frit or etched glass.

The quality of the perimeter seal significantly influences the life cycle of an insulating glass unit. The perimeter seal of an OKATHERM® unit is formed around a 4 side desiccant filled, stainless steel, warm edge spacer. High-quality Polyisobutyl is used as the primary vapor seal with either a special 2-component polysulfide or UV- resistant 2-component silicone for the outer secondary seal. Argon and krypton gas can be used in the glass cavity to achieve a better insulation factor, (U-value).

  • Light transmission
  • Light reflection
  • Sound attenuation (degree of soundproofing)
  • Color
  • Heat transmission value (U-value/SHGC)
  • UV transmission

You can find the values of the combinations referring to our standard insulating glasses in the technical data section of the info text.

For structural glazing of facades or rooftops, OKATHERM insulating glass can easily be bonded to relevant frames as specified or provided.

OKATHERM insulating glass can be

  • one-side or multi-side stepped to accommodate special framing applications
  • offered with glass butt joints and rear side metal sheets for ease of installation

OKATHERM insulating glass units can be manufactured to the safety requirements of the respective installation situation. Possibilities include glazings which are impact resistant, bullet resistant and storm resistant.

OKALUX is a specialist in finding practical solutions for complex, technical problems. Our professional and reliable staff can assist you with even the most challenging and complicated requirements.

Due to the experience of OKALUX in integrating special materials inside the cavity of glass units, there is the possibility to integrate reflective louvers (OKASOLAR), metal meshes and perforated metal sheets (OKATECH) or other custom materials, per the desires of architects. Please consider our broad product spectrum with its various available options.

OKATHERM® Technical Data