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OKASTONE® is a beautiful combination of two unique materials – glass and stone.

In thickness ranging from 1/32″ to 1/8″, stone veneer can be laminated directly onto or between new glass and used as insulating glass in the façade. In contrast to pure stone, OKASTONE® offers the strength and load bearing capacities of glass. OKASTONE® is comparatively light as well as weather- and dirt-resistant. Various types of stone can be offered with a broad range of colors and structures.

Standard size: 4’5″ x 8’3″. Larger formats and even curved elements are possible.

Variety of Design and Attractive Aesthetics

  • High quality, upscale appearance.
  • Natural stone. Every design solution is unique.
  • Three different standard stone types with custom stone upon demand.
  • Solutions with granite and quartzite are possible.
  • Stone thickness adapted to requirements.
  • Curved insulating glass modules possible.
  • Custom shapes achieved through water-jet cutting technology.
  • Customized translucency and illumination.


  • Long-lasting, maintenance free and easy to clean.
  • Fully recyclable.

Additional Functions and Features

  • Thermal insulation and solar protection.
  • Partial coverage possible with clear and stone sections.
  • Strength and load bearing capacities of glass.
  • Much lighter than solid stone.
  • Privacy protection.
  • Visibility for birds.


OKASTONE® Technical Data