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About OKALUX® Light Diffusing Insulating Glass

OKALUX® light-diffusing insulating glass elements illuminate rooms evenly to a depth of 50 feet while maximizing light transmission. OKALUX® eliminates hot spots and provides perfect light diffusion. The light-diffusing properties of OKALUX® are due to the capillary inlay in the air space cavity, enabling a truly natural expression of the entire light spectrum. 

  • Optimum, uniform light transmittance into the room, irrespective of irradiation conditions
  • Light transmission and total solar energy transmittance as required
  • Very good color rendering index
  • Good heat insulation
  • UV protection (as required)
  • Sound insulation (as required)
  • Vision and glare protection
  • Attractive appearance in daylight and artificial light
  • Visibility for birds

German-engineered. Made in America.

Color Rendering Index As High As 97%

The best way to harvest natural daylight.

  • Maximum Dimensions: 78″ x 177″
  • 1″ Thickness (1/4″ glass, 1/2″ air space, 1/4″ glass)
  • U-Value: 0.44/btu/hr/°F (standard makeup)

Light transmission, solar heat gain coefficient and u-values

can be customized to the location and the elevation.

Capillary glass is distinguished by its particularly good heat insulation properties. The small capillary tubes on the inside work like little air cushions that prevent convection of air in the cavity. They also reduce thermal radiation of the sun.

Capillary Glass


There are a variety of make-ups that can be used to achieve your performance requirements.

Capillary glass has an extremely appealing appearance and is not only applicable to processing daylight – it can also act as a gorgeous interior and/or exterior design element.

There are an endless variety of colors and textured glasses that can enhance the appearance of the building, as well as maintaining all of the functionality of OKALUX®.

The visual quality makes capillary glass and capillary mats attractive for the design of space permeable partitions, trade fair stands, showrooms and other interior applications.