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About OKALUX®+


Light Diffusing Insulating Glass

OKALUX®+ light-diffusing insulating glass units enable natural daylight to enter the interior of buildings without allowing the entrance of glare, contrast, or excess heat.

OKALUX®+ incorporates a capillary slab encased in fiber tissue within the glass cavity for superlative diffusion. The density of the fiber tissue determines the visible light transmission (VLT) and solar heat gain. It is easy to optimize the VLT and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of a unit to the location of the structure and the exposure of the glass units by increasing or decreasing the density of the fiber tissue.

The addition of low e-coating provides excellent insulation properties within a standard 1″ insulating glass unit. OKALUX®+ can be seamlessly installed in standard curtain wall or storefront framing systems. OKALUX®+ achieves excellent cost efficiency and can generally be shipped within 6 weeks of order.

German-engineered. Made in America.

U-Value, air-filled cavity = 0.28 Btu/Ft²/ °F

U-Value, argon gas-filled cavity = 0.24 Btu/Ft²/ °F

U-Value, krypton gas-filled cavity = 0.18 Btu/Ft²/ °F

  • Maximum Dimensions: 48″ x 157″
  • 1″ Thickness (1/4″ glass, 1/2″ air space, 1/4″ glass)

By eliminating contrast issues in the interior of buildings, OKALUX®+ can eliminate the necessity of daytime artificial lighting. This saves on electricity costs throughout the year. Cooling loads in warmer months are also reduced due to the absence of daytime electric lighting.

The superior insulating properties of OKALUX®+ efficiently prevent the exchange of heated and cooled air from the outside to the inside of the building.