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About OKALUX®HPI High Performance Insulation Glazing


OKALUX®HPI – High Performance Insulating Spandrel Glass Units

The total thermal insulation of a building can be enhanced through the addition of OKALUX®HPI units to the project.

The innovative high performance spandrel glass unit consists of a vacuum insulation module specially developed by Dow Corning, which is installed in the void between the panes of an insulating glass panel. OKALUX®HPI thus enables very slender structures to have outstanding thermal insulation.

OKALUX®HPI insulating glass units can be used in facade areas where no through vision is required. They can be seamlessly integrated into the framing system and can be customized to have thermal insulation factors as low as R40 (.025 btu U-Value). OKALUX®HPI is available within a variety of customized insulated glass designs and can be combined with most of the OKALUX® product families to create a uniform facade appearance.

OKALUX®HPI Reference Projects

OKALUX®HPI Technical Data