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Reversed OKALUX® System

 Capillary slabs are divided into equal sections and the glass fiber tissue is placed between them, on the inside. This enables the capillaries to be viewed from both the interior and exterior of the building.

  • Maximum Dimensions: 78″ x 236″
  • 1″ Minimum Thickness

Solar Protection

Customized direct visible light transmission (VLT) and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC).

In addition to all external glazing applications, the aesthetic qualities of OKALUX®EVO make it an attractive material for interior design use. OKALUX®EVO capillary glass provides light transmission and privacy for the design of partition walls, retail store dividers, showrooms, and other interior applications.

OKALUX®EVO exposes the light diffusing capillaries of OKALUX® on the external and internal surfaces. Fiber tissue is placed between two capillary slabs to soften the incoming light and eliminate shadows and hot spots.

OKALUX®EVO features:

  • The superlative insulating and light diffusing properties of standard OKALUX®.
  • Beautiful backlighting without light source patterns.
  • The beauty of the light diffusing capillaries.
  • Increased sense of depth in the glass.

OKALUX®EVO Technical Data