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OKACOLOR® is a new type of digital glass printing technology featuring brilliant and radiant colors. OKACOLOR® offers unlimited options for design, creativity, and inspiration. Designs are true to their original artistry and photo images are precisely displayed. With a resolution of 600 dpi, OKACOLOR® allows for new perspectives and dimensions in glass design.

Coloring Solutions


Digital printing technology has evolved rapidly since its origins in the 1990s. Today, we are able to print every design with photo-realistic detail and with extremely accurate color rendition. Our resolution is razor-sharp based upon 600 dpi print resolution! Modern planographic printers make it possible to print dimensions up to 2050 mm x 6000 mm in one pass.

We are able to print on glass and a variety of other materials including the capillaries and fiber tissue used in our OKALUX® translucent glass products. Please approach us with your ideas.

The quatrain-color print system makes digital printing technology extremely economical for the production of single images, a small series or larger designs with multiple connected images. Older “silk screen” technologies would have required the production of a custom screen for every different design and size. In addition to its application in glass facade design, digitally printed OKACOLOR® glass is ideally suited to handrails, retail store design, advertising, and elements of interior design.

Digital print technology can effectively reproduce the look of expensive woods and stone on glass. OKACOLOR® Marble, recreated from photos of actual marble slabs, is difficult to differentiate from actual material, yet can be easily drilled and safety tempered for uniform installation in building interiors and facades.