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The OKALUX Value Proposition

As an independent medium-sized company with modern production plants, we can provide you with independent, customer-oriented consultation, and attractive pricing when executing your project.

Our Commitment to Quality

OKALUX manufactures innovative, state of the art architectural glass products, on a global basis.

The OKALUX experience is defined by precision and high quality on all levels and throughout all processes – from manufacturing to customer service.

Every Project Is Unique

Our work provides visionary architects, builders, and planners with technically advanced and aesthetically unique products as well as professional, yet personal services.

For half a century, we have set new standards in individual consultations, project-specific planning, and product development, which has made us a leader in architectural glass manufacturing.

OKALUX helps our customers and clients to realize their design concepts, ideas, and visions using innovative materials and technical solutions. It is the close cooperation between each architect, planner, and OKALUX representative, which builds the foundation for tailor-made results that meet the high standards of design, function, and sustainability.