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OKALUX designs and manufactures innovative insulated glazings that harness natural daylight


Contact: Peter Stattler

Daylighting Solutions for Facades, Skylights & Interior Applications

For 50+ years, OKALUX has taken architectural glass to the next level. Ask us for our made in America certified products.

OKALUX specializes in the encapsulation of materials such as natural wood grilles, metal meshes, capillaries for diffusion, and parabolic louvers within the cavity of the insulated units. Visit our product pages to see how we make the impossible possible.

EPDs and VOC declarations available upon request by email (


Daylighting is the addition of comfortable, natural light to an interior that makes people happier and more efficient. The key is to distribute the daylight evenly throughout the interior space without glare, contrast, or excessive heat.

OKALUX puts dimensional materials, such as capillaries, natural wood, and metal, inside the cavity of insulated glass to control solar issues.

OKALUX products improve the comfort of interior conditions by adding natural daylight while controlling heat gain and glare.

  • Optimum transmission of light into the interior space
  • Controlled heat gain
  • Glare protection and privacy
  • Excellent color rendering index
  • Uniform backlighting without hot spots or shadows
  • Bird-friendly glazing

Additional benefits, depending on the type of OKALUX product:

  • UV protection
  • Sound insulation
  • Thermal insulation

What makes OKALUX light diffusing insulating glass unique is the capillary slab inserted in the cavity between the panes. This capillary slab does not merely diffuse light, it redirects the light to the walls and ceiling of the interior space, enveloping the occupants in comfortable, natural light and often negating the need for daytime artificial lighting.

Glass types and thickness can vary according to project requirements. Please check out our product lines.

Call (914) 202-0274 or email us at to make an appointment to talk about your project design requirements for the best product recommendations and ordering.