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About OKAWOOD® Insulating Glass with Wooden Grid

As a natural material, wood creates a comfortable atmosphere inside buildings and a warm aesthetic on the exterior. OKAWOOD® insulated glass encapsulates natural wood grilles between the panes of glass providing solar protection for the interior and preserving the natural raw material and its inherent color tones.

  • Efficient directionally selective sun protection
  • Very good heat insulation
  • Natural vibrant appearance of the facade
  • Partial through-vision
  • Privacy screening from outside to inside
  • Easily recyclable
  • Visibility for birds

OKAWOOD® Timber Grille

OKAWOOD® with natural timber grille within the glass cavity allow controlled light to enter the facility while providing excellent through vision to the outside.

OKAWOOD® Insulating Glass with Timber Grid

Only a few selected types of domestic and exotic wood are suitable for integration in the cavity. Every batch of incoming wood is individually tested by an outside institute for properties such as density, UV stability, other key material properties. The glass protects the timber inserts from the effects of weathering and allows the wood to retain its elegant, original appearance. Special requirements for transparency and light transmission can be realized by adjusting the spacing of the louvers within the unit.

Depending on the gas filling and coating, a 2-pane OKAWOOD® Grille make-up achieves U-Values between 0.23 – 0.33 Btu/(hr./ft²/°F) . As a 3-pane make-up, U-Values range between 0.11 – 0.18 Btu/(hr./ft²/°F).

Wood is fixed as a grid in the inner space between the panes. The horizontal wooden bars are 3/8″ (10 mm) in height. The product documentation of OKAWOOD® includes detailed, angle-dependent light transmission and SHGC. The transmission of OKAWOOD® insulated glass with timber grille is variable, allowing the lowest amount of incoming heat and glare in the summer months while providing a gain of solar heat in the winter when this makes the building interior more comfortable and efficient.

The wood used within OKAWOOD® is natural and saw cut. No stains, oils or paints are used on the wood surfaces.

OKAWOOD® Reference Projects

OKAWOOD® Technical Data


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