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About OKATECH® Insulating Glass with Metal Interlayer

OKATECH® is the perfect blend of beauty and efficiency in an insulated glass unit. A wide variety of metal meshes can be placed within the glass cavity of an OKATECH® unit. The mesh faces the sun and screens out high solar gain. The reflectivity of the metal creates an attractive and distinctive exterior aesthetic to the building.

  • Efficient solar control that can also be directionally selective
  • Through-vision from inside to outside, depending on the lighting conditions
  • Privacy screening from outside to inside
  • Good heat insulation
  • Visual structure, color and textured shine for facades
  • Easily recyclable
  • Visibility for birds
  • Individual design options

Dimensions and Installations

OKATECH® is composed of three glass panes. The mesh materials are placed between two of the glass sheets at the front of the unit and facing the exterior. A solar control coating placed behind the mesh prevents secondary solar heat gain from radiating into the building’s interior.

OKATECH® is glazed like a normal insulating glass. The maximum width of expanded metal grids is 48″ to 60″. Metal weaves are available in widths between 78″ and 196″. The width of perforated metal sheets, depends on the material, e.g. stainless steel, copper, etc. We recommend a maximum insulated glass size of 70f2. In all cases, sizes should be discussed with us in the early stages of the planning process.

The U-Value of a standard OKATECH® unit varies between 0.18 – 0.21 – 0.26 Btu/hr ft² °F, based upon the gas used in the glass cavity, krypton, argon, or air. Light transmission and SHGC are determined by the solar control coating selected and the metal interlayer. The OKATECH® Infotext contains a summarized table showing the possible combinations of standard weaves with low e or solar control coatings.

The skill of OKALUX® design engineers in encapsulating unique materials between glass opens up a wide variety of possibilities for the design architect. Differing structures, textures and colors can be combined within a particular design. Grid layout and perforation size can be customized or varied from unit to unit over a multi-pane glazing. The resulting OKATECH® designs offer a passive solar control solution that requires no maintenance and stays untarnished within the sealed OKATECH® insulated glass unit. Emphasis is given to the interplay of light and shadow, glow and structure, light diffusion and reflection. Smaller aperture designs and tightly woven meshes can reduce glare and heat gain to almost negligible levels.

Expanded metal grids are available in copper and natural aluminum. The expanded aluminum designs can be powder coated or anodized to a selected RAL color. The metal weaves are made of stretched wires and braided ropes in different dimensions. They are available in both bronze and stainless steel. Standard weave types include: Louvre, Sambesi, Omega, Kiwi, Mandarin. Other weave types on request.

OKATECH® Technical Data